Like I said in my first post, my “preppy” Instagram account is what really got me interested in blogging! So to start first off follow me @missemilyprep on Instagram!! It’s just a fun thing that I started to share my style! Second I’m going to start by going through some of my favorite Insta pics on my account since I started it! I’m thinking it will be a fun thing to do at the end of every week to recap some of my favorite pictures so here are some of my favorite pictures I have shared so far on my Instagram and a little more background on the products featured in them!


These were my some of my favorite Christmas presents this year! I got the Kate Spade Cedar Street Small Elissa bag in navy blue. Marley Lilly’s Monogrammed Scalloped Luxe Cross Body Clutch in light pink. My first Kiel James Patrick pearl bracelet. And a Southern Marsh Rebecca Jersey Shirt in Bimini Green with Pink Seersucker!


After Christmas my family took a little weekend getaway to a nice hotel two hours south of us! Of course I took my Kate Spade bag that I got for Christmas and my favorite weekend bag from Marley Lilly, the Sunshine Satchel Duffle Bag in black!


I was so excited when my favorite Lilly Pulitzer pattern (Hotty Pink First Impressions) came out for an iPhone 6! I added a monogrammed sticker from Etsy. I cannot find the exact account but there are tons of awesome accounts for monogrammed stickers!


Here’s my basic go-to outfit for anything from Mass, to going out to dinner, to casual special events! The vest (similar), skirt, and necklace are all from J. Crew/J. Crew Factory and I am not sure where I got the shirt because I’ve had it for a long time but here is one like it from J. Crew Factory.


My handy dandy pink Nalgene water bottle with all of my favorite stickers! Vineyard Vines, my monogram from Etsy, and the rest unfortunately are not available anymore online but they come from my favorite places to shop: Marley Lilly, KJP, and Lauren James.


I don’t know why but I absolutely love this picture. Here I’m wearing the Southern Marsh shirt I got for Christmas and enjoying my favorite drink from Starbucks, an Iced Vanilla Chai.


My Kate Spade “Escape the Ordinary” is full of doodles, quotes, and prayers and I absolutely love it! There are multiple page dividers so I can break up what I use it for and I seriously just love writing in it with my favorite doodling pens.


I absolutely died when Lauren James’ Spring 2015 line came out. Ever since they sent a teaser out for their Scalloped Seersucker Skirt I have been eyeing it so I the minute the new website launched, I jumped on to order it. I also picked up this Beach Life Sweet Tee which I got a little bigger so I could wear it as a swim cover up this year!


My final favorite picture from my account so far featured another on of my latest favorite online purchases. Marley Lilly posted a picture to their Instagram of this monogrammed Scalloped Tote Purse and I immediately fell in love. It’s also been a cute addition to my desk decor in my bedroom!

Well that is all for now! I hope you enjoyed hearing more about these pictures and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @missemilyprep!! Have a great weekend!

XOXO, Emily

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