Alright it is time to talk about my Mama and by that I don’t mean my sweet mama that still makes my lunch every day, today I want to talk about the Mother of God, Mary. Mama and I have had a good relationship forever but it has become something more over the last year and today is something special because I get to start on another journey with my wonderful Mama in Heaven!

About a year ago my youth minister started talking to all of us about doing a Marian Consecration which sounded really cool but I didn’t know much about it and we weren’t really told much about it in the beginning. I kept saying I was too busy to do it but right before they started the prayers before the consecration, I felt a crazy strong calling to do it so I decided I would try it. To be completely honest I was SO BAD at doing all the prayers. About three weeks into the process I realized my youth minister had been sending us the daily prayers all along and I had no idea so I hadn’t been doing anything.

I sat down with my youth minister and told her how I hadn’t been keeping up with the prayers and since I was so busy I just told her I would do it the following year. She encouraged me to keep doing what I could and that going to the actual consecration mass and making the promise was the most important part. I went to the mass, said the prayers, made the promise, but felt nothing different. I would always pray to Mary to follow in her example for purity and love for her Son, but nothing changed in my eyes.

It wasn’t until I was reflecting over the last few years when I was doing my Senior Capstone project that I realized my mama has been following me everywhere I go. First off, she has lately been helping me turn some things I have been struggling with around and it’s been so beautiful to see her hand in that. Then, I helped start the Pro-Life club at my high school and the only classroom that was available to us on the date we wanted to meet has the most beautiful painting of Our Lady of Guadalupe in it which is also the only classroom with that painting of Mary in it!

And finally…college. Wow she has shown me where to go. The theme for this year for the school I chose was “You are the one I have chosen” which were the words Our Lady said when she appeared to Juan Diego. Then I had a meeting with the president of my college and he told me he prays a Hail Mary over every acceptance letter he signs and prays that Mary either chooses that person to go to his school, or shows them a better place. Plus there’s a beautiful grotto to Mary on campus AND they consecrated the whole campus to Mary a few years ago!! I don’t know about you but I think it’s all pretty incredible and I couldn’t not go there after seeing how present she was on campus!

I’m sure by now some of you are wondering what a consecration to Mary is so I’ll give you the spark notes version and my not-so-great understanding of it. Basically a consecration is a series of prayers that you do over about a month where you pray for a heart like Mary’s so that you can love Christ and get closer to Him. There are tons of different books and methods out there but we are doing one from Saint Louis De Montfort! Once you do the consecration, it is like you offer your prayers to Mary so that she brings them directly to Christ. All of it is a way to get closer to Christ through His mother! And what better way to get to know someone than to get close to their mom!

Like I said my understanding is even not so great but all I know is she has been with me even more so now that I made that promise to her last year. That being said, I hope to learn more about it as I prepare to re-consecrate my like to Jesus through Mary in hopes of getting even closer to her Son. I start the 33 days of prayer today which will end on the Feast of the Visitation and I ask for prayers that I may take this consecration more seriously than the last! My youth group gave us a daily prayer book this year for the consecration so it should be easier for me to follow!!

I am so excited to start this new consecration and even more excited that we didn’t have school today so I could go to Mass and Adoration! I’m hoping to post every Sunday about how the consecration is going but keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine!!

XOXO Emily

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Pray for us!

Saint Juan Diego, Pray for us!

Saint Louis De Montfort, Pray for us!

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