OK so I live in a state where I swear there are no preppy stores. Like there is a Swoozie’s but no clothing stores and I hate online shopping (even though I totally do it a ton) because you have to pay extra for shipping and then wait for your stuff to come in. That being said, when I was getting ready for spring break I scoped out all of the places near the resort we stayed at that had my favorite clothing lines and found a bunch of stuff! So here’s my spring break haul!!

First from the Lilly Pulitzer store I bought this candle in First Impressions!! These colors are what Caroline from The Preppy Queen Bee and I are doing for our dorm room and I thought this would be cute to add to the room! Plus the box could even be used for some kind of decor next year!


Next I got a KJP Vickers Bow in Betty Draper! I was soooo excited that the store we went to had the bow bracelets because I have really been wanting some and if you can tell by my Instagram, I wear it ALL THE TIME!


I bought a Lauren James dress for graduation but when I found this one I thought it would be perfect for my graduation party since red is the color for both my high school and my college!! Absolutely in love with their Garrison Seersucker Dress in red!

IMG_6941 IMG_6940

A little more LJ love coming your way! SO I was checking out at the store where I bought the dress and the KJP and I was telling the lady about how we don’t have any of those things in my state. We were talking and she tells me they just got a new shipment in of LJ and said I could go through the boxes!! I started digging through the boxes of new products and found these shorts in navy which I had been eyeing for a long time so I had to buy them!


I have a wintery Shepshirt and so I was purposefully looking for a more spring/summery  shepshirt!! To be honest this (similar) was the only one I found so I had to get it but I love it because pink and navy are my two favorite colors!! PS I also got my boyfriend a light blue shepshirt and its adorable because he’s not super preppy but he loved it!!


And finally some Southern Marsh action! I absolutely love the jersey shirt that I already have in seersucker and I was dying over their new additions this season. I also died when I found out that the resort we were staying at had a store that carried Southern Marsh!! When I walked in I saw this shirt and grabbed it immediately! It is a pink Rebecca Jersey with blue gingham.


Last but not least, my Southern Marsh sunglasses strap! I used these SOOOO much on the beach! I feel like you’re always putting on and taking off your sunglasses and these were perfect because they just stayed around my neck and would never drop into the water or sand!!


Well I believe that is all that I bought on spring break!! Thanks for checking in and look for another post talking more about my outfits (or those I took pictures of) from spring break!!

XOXO Emily

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