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I usually don’t do tags but I haven’t posted in awhile and I thought the questions were so cute! SOO here we go! Thanks to Grace from Graciela for tagging me!

1. What’s your definition of preppy?

Being preppy isn’t just about the clothes you wear or the brands you know about. It’s about being put together, classy and timeless.

2. What’s your all time favorite brand?

My top favorite preppy brands are J. Crew, KJP, Kate Spade, and Jack Rogers.

3. What’s your favorite Lilly print?

First impressions pink is by far my favorite Lilly print! It’s the inspiration for my dorm room!! (which I can’t wait for ya’ll to see!)

4. Favorite preppy You-Tuber?

I haven’t been following YouTube as much lately but when thinking of preppy on YouTube, sarahbelle93X is for sure the first that comes to mind.

5. Jack Rogers or Sperrys?

Wow I love both of mine! I would say Jacks in warmer months and Sperrys in the fall. Both of my pairs are super worn in because I wear them soooo much!!

6. Jeans or Khakis?

JEANS! Although a nice colored khaki pant is always fun!

7. Duck boots, riding boots, or Hunters?

Once again I love all of the pairs that I own! Of all of them I definitely wear my riding boots the most, I have to buy a new pair every fall it seems! (on the hunt for this year’s so let me know what you find!) but my duck boots and Hunters are worn quite a bit! Probably even more this year because my high school dress code didn’t allow boots so I’ll definitely be wearing them this year!

8. Navy or black? 

NAAAVYYYY! Oh my this is the joke of my co-workers and I because I own SO MUCH NAVY. I would say that navy is the ultimate preppy color because of how timeless and classy it is with a hint of nautical. My co-workers at J. Crew always laugh at me when I buy something navy because they know it’s basically my whole closet.

9. On a scale of 1-10 how much do you love J. Crew?

I LOVE J. CREW!!! I was thinking about doing a post on everything I own from J. Crew but literally it would be sooooo long I can’t imagine. If you read my blog or follow me on Instagram, you know I have been working at J. Crew Factory this summer and it has been so fun! Going to your favorite store almost everyday is the best thing in the world….oh so I have to scale it right? Uhhh probably a 100 out of 10 🙂

10. Favorite Ralph Lauren clothing item?

There’s a Polo outlet right by the J. Crew I work at and I love going in there!! MY two favorites are their plain sweaters like the navy (LOL navy again…) one I bought the other day, and their baseball caps! I still haven’t fallen in love with a color of hat yet but I’m hoping to pick one out before I leave this fall!

11. Pearls or bows?

Pearls, pearls, pearls. I wear my pearl earrings almost everyday and I love them! I used to just wear the cheap ones from Claire’s but my parents got me a real pair for graduation and I LOVEEEEE them!!

Hope you enjoyed!!! I would like to tag the following ladies to do this post:

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And anyone else who would like to do this post!

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