What a crazy month August was and LOOK! It’s already half way through September! I cannot believe how fast time has flown by but the Lord has blessed me in so many ways and I am so incredibly grateful. I thought this catch up post could count for an August favorites because the last post I did was July Favorites so it doesn’t make sense to do both! It’s so embarrassing because I have multiple drafts for blogs that just need a little love but I haven’t gotten around to it!

SO COLLEGE! Somedays I find myself walking around campus and thinking to myself there’s no way that I live here. I visited so many times that it seemed like such a far off dream to spend all my time here but here I am! I’m attending a smaller, Catholic school in Kansas called Benedictine College and I absolutely love it. The Lord is so incredibly present here. Being surrounded by so many amazing Catholics has done wonders for me as a daughter of Christ and I know it will only get better from here. How many colleges nowadays encourage you to go to daily Mass and pray at any chance you get?! I just love it here because that’s what BC has done for me so far!


Get to spend time with my sweet Mama here almost every morning and every night!


Mama Mary is everywhere on our campus and I LOVE it!!

One thing I was nervous about was finding a close group of friends since my friends in high school were like that and I loved it. I came in knowing a lot of people but I was hoping to find my own place. I keep thinking to myself that the Lord has blessed me so abundantly with this amazing group of girls. They are hilarious, uplifting, self-less and beautiful in every way and I could not ask for anything more. My birthday was the first weekend of school and they were so sweet! They literally already knew exactly what I would want because they took me to “civilization” (our town is just a little college town) and we enjoyed Chipotle, Target, Old Navy and Starbucks. SO wonderful yet so simple and honestly what more could a girl want?! Plus we all have the same sense of style which is wonderful because I have SEVEN closets now! It’s a dream come true!!


These gals <3

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My sweet friend and I matching at a soccer game! It’s almost fall y’all!!


Birthday outing to civilization


My family sent me some beautiful flowers and a balloon!

Finally my ROOM!!! I’ve been looking forward to decorating a dorm room for the longest tine and I love our sweet little space. But I don’t love it nearly as much as my roomie!!! Let me tell you about her <3 Caroline is the sweetest, funniest thing I’ve seen and I have so much enjoyed sharing a room with her. I have heard so many horror stories about freshman year roommates but so far so good 😉 but I love her so much and I’m excited for the rest of this year! We keep talking about doing a room tour (we’ll see if that ever happens hahaha) but we have a few finishing touches to put together before we do so! In the meantime, check her blog out at www.littlemisscarolinem.wordpress.com (used to be the Preppy Queen Bee!)


Roomie love <3


A little dorm room sneak peek…much more has been added since I took this picture!

That’s it for now!! I hope to start getting on a better blogging schedule so we’ll see! This post focused on all the highlights from this year so far but that’s not to say I haven’t struggled at all. I have been working through some things but it is so wonderful to have such an amazing support group of girls and of course my Lord to lean on! Please keep me in your prayers as I continue on this journey!



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