Dang 2015 was such a huge year! I gradated from high school, started college, worked more on this blog, had my debutante ball, and so many more awesome memories. I have so many big plans for this year and I know it’s cliche but I still think its important to write down goals for the year ahead. Here are 16 of my goals broken down into four categories:


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  1. Daily Mass: I was really great at this over the beginning of the semester but started slacking a little towards the end, so I want to pick it back up!
  2. Prayer Routine: Once again, the beginning of the semester was great! But then I started sleeping in and putting it off…
  3. Pray with my distractions: This is something I started last semester; I used to always get down on myself for getting distracted in prayer or mass but come on, it’s normal! So instead, I started praying with those distractions and talking to the Lord about why they are on my mind.
  4. Experience the Lord on a deeper level: Whether it is making sacrifices, resisting temptations, spending more time with Him, or visiting places where He is glorified (for example I might be studying abroad in Europe this year and I am going to World Youth Day in Poland!), I want to continue to deepen my relationship with Him in all I do.

Friends and Family

  1. Reach out to/call my family and friends from home more: Personally, I have never felt homesick in college yet so I have often forgotten to talk to my friends and family back home. Being home for Christmas has helped me realize I need to reach out to them more.
  2. Live in the present…focus on the friendships I have, not the ones I’ve lost: I have made awesome friends in college but I keep thinking about my friendships in the past instead of giving my friends at school all of me. Of course I don’t want to forget my old relationships, but I don’t want thinking of the past to keep me from appreciating what I have in front of me.
  3. Stay updated in the lives of my siblings: This goes along with the first point, but I’ve noticed that often times when I call home, I do all the talking and don’t listen to the exciting news on the other end, which I want to make more of a priority.


  1. WORK OUT: I used to go to this awesome gym and I would work out every other day but since coming to school I have barely gone to the gym at all! Luckily, my school is finishing up a new Rec Center which will be awesome, but I need to get into the habit early this year.
  2. Make a schedule and STICK TO IT: I have all these awesome scheduling techniques and tools but I need to stick to the schedules I make to ensure I’m productive during the day because we all know that’s hard.
  3. Stick to my nighttime and morning beauty routines: which by the way I have had a post written on this topic for months but I haven’t taken pictures of the products to post it haha at least I have a fun new camera to get me excited!
  4. Eat right: SO this has been a huge struggle this year since I have to eat gluten free, but the GF options in my cafeteria aren’t the best so I often times eat a little bit of gluten and end up feeling sick. I NEED to make this a priority so that I’m always at the top of my game!
  5. Give myself 100% to my school work and my job(s): Meaning…studying and not allowing myself to get distracted, reading up on topics outside of class to get a greater understanding, and not procrastinating on getting classwork finished. Also, I have an awesome campus job but this goal is mostly for whatever summer job I get since I’m hoping to either help with a political campaign or work for my youth minister!


  1. Catholic/Faith-Based post every weekend
  2. Beauty/Fashion post every Wednesday
  3. Instagram every other day if not everyday
  4. Re-design blog and possibly move to a website platform: I’m taking a web design class this year and one of my friends is working on a logo for me so we will see how different the blog looks next year!

What are some of your New Year’s Resolutions? I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday and many blessings in the New Year!!



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