About a year and a half ago, I started my original blog called Miss Emily Prep. I had fun with that account, but it has always been on my heart to make my Catholic faith the center of any blog or publication I put online. All through my freshman year of college I was playing with different ideas and thus, Glorify 6:20 was born. While there is more about my vision for this blog in my About page, I decided to explain a little bit about how it all came to be in my first post.

Anyone who followed my last blog would remember the word glorify was used in my original tag line. I loved this word so much that I chose it to be the focus of this new website and then the more I looked into the word and its use it clearly needs to be the center of my mission here.

Type GLORIFY into Google and this is what you get:


           1. reveal or make clearer the glory of (God) by one’s actions.
Perfect, right? I would argue that is any good Christian’s goal in life, but something was missing.
Through this whole process and discernment of whether or not this website is in line with God’s will, I’ve offered everything up to Him and in return asked for the resources to make it happen. After thinking about and looking for a second part of the title, in the middle of Mass one day something told me to Google “bible verses with the word glorify”.


The first result was 1 Corinthians 6:20 and immediately I knew that was the one for me. The second part: “Glorify God through your bodies” could be used to link my fashion blog to my faith, which is exactly what I plan to do!

As a Catholic fashion blogger, in the back of my head I always wonder if this mission is too vain or material. We aren’t supposed to worry about clothes right? Right! But here’s the thing: we aren’t supposed to put these things above God in our lives, yet so many young girls do. I see it in my friends, the girls I lead at youth group or on retreats, or even myself. Why? Because most of our sources for tips on fashion, beauty, home decor, school, politics, relationships, you name it, encourage us to put all these things above the One who should be the center of our life. God wants to be a part of all aspects of our lives and He gave us our bodies, our sexualities, our desires, our humanity. Our job is to take those things and bring them in line with God’s will, especially since they are attacked and manipulated so much in our culture.

Think about the magazines you see in the grocery store, the ads on TV, celebrities on social media, and so on. How many of them encourage young girls to recognize they are beautiful because they have a God-given dignity as women? Not many…at least that I have seen. So how do we reach out to those girls who have never heard this message, or maybe even those who have but don’t think it’s worth worrying about? MEET THEM WHERE THEY’RE AT. The New Evangelization JP2 called for encourage us to do exactly this. Go out into the world and bring Christ to it. Fashion blogs are crazy right now, I find a couple new ones every time I go online. I want to bring Christ to that trend.

It would be great if young girls didn’t care about what they looked like, but in reality we are all drawn to those magazines that tell us how to look beautiful…why not bring Christ to that attraction? It IS possible to be modern and modest. I firmly believe you can dress cute and not show too much. All in all, this blog comes from my own desire to have a website to go to where I am encouraged in living out my femininity (something that is also getting lost in our current culture) and recognizing my beauty and dignity in Christ.

I think girls my age need something that brings these together and praise be to God there are some awesome resources that do so already! (Find them on my Catholic Goodies page)…I just wanted to put my own little spin on it 🙂

That being said, enjoy the blog and let me know what you think! Ultimately, I want this page to be more of an online community that enriches our personal communities, and not just be me putting my ideas out there so, if you want to write for this blog I would love to figure something out! (Disclaimer: I’m a college student and don’t have money to pay you but I’d love to hear from someone other than myself :))

Thanks for stopping by, now go out and GLORIFY GOD in any and every way possible.
God bless,
Logistical things:
#1: All the posts from my last blog were wonderfully transferred over because WordPress (and technology in general) is awesome, but some of them got formatted a little weird in the transfer and I just haven’t gotten around to fixing them so kindly ignore that please 🙂
#2: On Miss Emily Prep I had a goal of posting once a week about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, etc. and once a week about something faith based or more spiritual, which is the same goal I have in mind this time around! Plus maybe some extras here and there as well as a weekly instagram round up and monthly favorites post.
#3: If you are reading this on a mobile device I’m still working out one issue I had with that so if possible check back in on a laptop or desktop computer 🙂
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