Today we celebrate the life of St. Maria Goretti, patroness of purity, rape victims, and teenage girls! What an amazing example for all of us young women in regards to purity and chastity. I have her featured on my Leading Ladies page, which has a link to her longer bio, but I liked the one in today’s Magnificat!

“Maria Goretti was born to poor farm laborers in Corinaldo, Italy, in 1890. Like Agnes, Lucy, and Agatha, virgin martyrs of the early Church, Maria willed to suffer death rather than the destruction of her purity. She was eleven when nineteen-year-old Alessandro Serenelli attacked her, intent on raping her. Even as she struggled in Alessandro’s grasp, Maria begged him to consider the gravity of the sin he was about to commit. He stabbed her fourteen times. She died two days later after great suffering, freely forgiving her attacker. Maria is the patroness of purity and protector of Catholic youth.”

Mass today was beautiful because all the antiphons focused on purity/chastity, something so many of us struggle with. When I got back to work after Mass, I saw on Snapchat that today is for some reason “kissing day.”

I had to laugh.

The feast day of one of the best saints to look to in regards to living lives of chastity is on the same day as kissing day?! With a slight sigh I thought of my singleness in regards to this day, but then I remembered what I had just celebrated at Mass: the life of a young woman who was martyred for her desire to stay pure.  Reality check on my emotional chastity. 🙂

Keeping all this in mind, I pray that today, whether you are celebrating kissing day or not (whatever that means haha), we look to St. Maria Goretti. May all those who struggle with purity be guided by the example of this great Saint. And hey, remember you can totally kiss your significant other in a chaste manner…I swear I’m not hating on kissing.

In an incredibly over-sexualized culture (hint hint: we now have a ‘holiday’ for kissing), may we choose to live lives of chastity in our relationships, our singleness, or whatever area of life we find ourselves in.

SO: I pray today, through the intercession of St. Maria Goretti, for all those struggling with purity, for victims and perpetrators of rape, for those in the pornography industry, and everyone involved in sex trafficking. St. Maria Goretti, help us create a culture devoted to chastity as you died for your devotion to your own purity.


How are you glorifying God today?


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