Hey everyone!! I am finally back from WYD! What an amazing experience that I will never forget…I’m working on some videos and posts about my time but I wanted to get this college post up before people start getting back to school.

This post goes out to a friend of mine who’s starting Freshman Year soon and asked me for some input 🙂 There are SOOO many of these posts floating the inter webs but here’s my two cents! Also shout out to my roommate from freshman year because she made everything better. You can find her blogging at Little Miss Caroline M.

I just decided to do one post that talks about EVERYTHING cause Lord knows I wouldn’t finish multiple ones if I tried 🙂 so without further adieu…


  • I would recommend finding the dimensions for everything in your room, if possible. During summer orientation I was that girl that brought a measuring tape and measured everything…NO SHAME because I bought organization stuff that fit perfectly and then got the most out of the little space. If you can’t do this, wait till you get there to get organization-y things because the more space you can create, the better.


  • I did most of my shopping at Target: they have so much for dorms and for such a good price. MAKE SURE TO GET THE RIGHT SIZED SHEETS. I know Kate (who asked for this post haha hey girl!!) asked where to get the twin XL sheets that most schools require and I just found mine at Target! It takes some searching, but most stores with college/dorm sections will have XL sheets since they are so popular.
  • Container Store (a little more pricey) and Bed Bath and Beyond are great for organization things. Like these jewelry racks that I spray painted gold!


  • I found THE MOST COMFORTABLE mattress pad ever at none other than Costco! I don’t know if they still have them, but if you happen to find it get it. Seriously I slept great in college and it was not because of all the late study nights.
  • Coordinate with your roommate, which doesn’t have to mean coordinate colors. This is pretty basic but work together on who’s getting what for the room…even the little things like brooms, trash cans, mini vacuums, etc. Those things you don’t need two of but everyone just thinks about coordinating microwaves, refrigerators, or coffee makers…there are definitely a lot of things you can share to save space!
  • THE BEST organization tip I have is investing in those thin, felt hangers. They save so much space and your clothes won’t fall off! Plus your closet automatically looks cleaner with matching hangers.



  1. Luckily, Caroline and I were the roommates who matched everything and decorated a ton. We made a TON of canvases. All I used for them were different sized canvases, acrylic paint, paint pens, and sometimes painter’s tape to make stripes.


  • I love pictures and I wanted them all over. I printed out a ton of pictures and hung them up using twine and clothes pins. Then, to add something extra to the clothes pins, I just put washi tape on the fronts!


  • PILLOWS are great decoration and help make your room more comfy.


  • I highly recommend getting a chair or futon for your room. In college there’s always people hanging out or coming into your room. It would sometimes be awkward to walk into a room and have nowhere to sit but the bottom bunk, so rooms with extra chairs are always appreciated. (As you can see, our chair from Pier 1 was a friend favorite)


  • Using real lamps instead of desk lamps made my room feel a lot more homey and comfortable. I just found a small lamp from Target that fit on my desk then a matching one for my side table and it was great!



  • I go to a smaller school but I would highly encourage anyone to make an effort to get to know your professors. Just going into their office hours once can help you because you are more than just a name on the roster or number in an auditorium. Professors like to know that you are engaged and putting in work, and I have noticed that many who see this is true will reward you for it.


  • Get involved (so cliché but true). One thing that hit me in college was, no matter how many clubs, sports teams, etc. you were a part of in high school, most employers someday won’t care about that. They are going to care about your involvement in college because it is most recent and represents you as an adult. So get involved and realize your resume of extra curriculars need to expand, you can just rely on being elected to high school student council for the rest of your life.


  • Act like you have a 9-5 job and schedule your work accordingly. There is SO MUCH free time in college in between classes. The temptation is to do nothing during that time, but if you schedule your study and homework time in between classes, you will have more time in the evenings to unwind, go to your intramural game, club meeting and so on.


  • Find a couple of study spots around campus and that you can focus in. For me, I must have a room that is open, clean, and aesthetically pleasing to be able to focus on my work. Once I realized that, I kept a list in my head of all the places I worked best in and would switch between those!


OK! SO much in one post and I know I will come up with more when I post this, but I need to stop! Freshman year was such a beautiful year because it taught me so much about myself. I pray that all you who are headed off to school will have a wonderful experience and will keep your eyes on Christ through all the ups and downs.

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