Over the 90 days this past semester of no social media/blog posting, I actually ended up thinking of a lot of ideas of what to post! (also, haha my not posting streak goes waaaay beyond my 90 day challenge..oops!!) So to kick it off, here’s ten things I need to catch y’all up on before continuing + some ideas I have for my blog this summer!

  • I am double majoring in Theology and New Evangelization/Catechesis at Benedictine with an emphasis in Youth Ministry. As part of the program, we have to do an internship with a youth minister and I’m doing mine this summer at my home parish!!! It is literally a dream come true since my parish is like my second home. I just finished my two weeks and I love it! SO, lots of my blog/Instagram will be highlighting the adventures of this summer and OH BOY my schedule is so full of them…and my heart is so full of joy thinking of all the fun!!


  • Over the past year, I have grown in spiritual friendship with Pope Saint John Paul II, who is what I like to call my “spiritual mentor”/best friend. If I get around to it, I will write a blog explaining that, but basically he’s been leading me in so many ways (including giving me so many adventures this summer, which he was ALL about), so you will be seeing a lot of him this summer.


  • Because of JP2, my favorite thing to learn/talk about is World Youth Day in 1993, which was held in my beloved hometown, Denver.


  • Because of JP2, my second favorite thing to learn/talk about is Theology of the Body.


  • Because of JP2, my third favorite thing to learn/talk about is the FEMININE GENIUS! (aka: these three things will probably be infused into everything I write about hehe)


  • I am very Florence/Italy/Europe sick and I want to actually blog about my time there this summer, so look out for posts about travel and my study abroad semester!!


  • I have been finding some GREAT websites with actually cute, modern, MODEST clothing/swimsuits and well it’s just about time that I actually share them with y’all. As an off-shoot of my blog name/inspiration the blog series on modest fashion ideas is going to be called “Through your bodies”. Get pumped.


  • The Nineveh 90 challenge put me on a crazy health kick since many parts of it surrounded healthier living. I lost 12 pounds (mostly post-study abroad weight haha) but wow my confidence has sky rocketed and I want to keep it going.


  • Nineveh 90 for me was all about detachment and learning to live more simply (check out my post about that here) and one small thing I decided to do by the end of the challenge was to stop straightening my hair. I have super curly hair that I have always fought with but I have realized that it was an attachment that I had that was keeping me from enjoying life. I know that seems like a weird connection but I truly believe it. Soooo, say hello to the curly hair that’s here to stay since I actually like my hair curly more than straight now! (Disclaimer: I might do my hair for more fancy/important events…haha don’t want to seem like a hypocrite!!)


  • The Lord is crazy and if there’s anything I’ve learned over the years, it’s that His love and mercy are unending and His timing and placement of things/people/experiences in our lives are better than anything we could come up with on our own. So, jump in, trust, and give absolutely everything to Him.


How can you glorify God today?

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